Street Lights Sharing Method

  • Simple way to share faith on the streets.
  • Uses a marked New Testament and a 3×5 card to record blessings shared by an interested person on the streets.
  • Low pressure approach, only spirit-led encounters.
  • One hour on station with a sharing partner.
  • Only 30 minutes of training and preparation required.
  • No scripture memorization required.
  • Go on any public sidewalk.
Matt. 6: 31-34
Phil. 4: 4-7

Suggested dialogue with a divine appointment on the streets.

1. Would you like an encouraging word from the Word today?

2. Please read the highlighted verses. ( Matt. 6:31-34)

3. Was that an encouragement to you?

4. Would you like to read another one ? (Phil. 4:4-7)

In these verses, note the need to offer thanksgiving with prayer in order to have the peace that passes all understanding.

5. Can you think of any things to be thankful to God for today?

Write the blessings down on the Blessings Card and offer them the testament and Card. 

6. Would you now offer a prayer to God, thanking him for those blessings?

Most will need to be encouraged to do something they have likely never done before. It is liberating for them after the first time.

7. If led by the Spirit, ask if they are a believer.

 If they appear to be in doubt, ask If they want to be saved.  If they say “yes”, share the plan in the back of the Testament. No pressure applied here!

Do not engage in a theological debate. If they start questioning the Word or your intentions, refer them to the Gideon App which has answers for common questions about the Bible. If a contentious spirit appears, the Holy Spirit is likely not leading the discussion and it needs to be ended.

Candidates for an offering of an “encouraging word” on a Street Lights Event.

Waiting at a bus or train depot.
Sitting on a bench or walking in a city park.
Sitting on a bench or walking on Courthouse grounds.
Walking to or from a college class.
Sitting or lounging on the sea shore.

Preferably not to:
An employee serving the public at a restaurant, etc. Imposing on establishment owner’s time.
One or more individuals rushing to get somewhere. Difficult to get attention to read scriptures.

Slow Down and Share!