Delight in Sharing

A Dozen Delightful Sharings in 2022

What makes sharing delightful on a Street Lights Event?

  1. Most folks are in a stable, no-hurry mode, sitting on a park bench or standing on a street corner.
  2. They are normally very friendly and welcoming to the offer for an encouraging word.
  3. They are appreciative of the time you take with them and the Bible you offer them.
  4. You have the satisfaction of making the effort to share the gospel with a stranger.
  5. You have a testimony to share with others about how God is using you to share with others.
  6. When a soul accepts Christ, you build onto your treasures in Heaven.
  7. You get to witness God at work bringing divine appointments for you to witness freely.
  8. You can go as often as desired and commit to only one hour at a time.
  9. You get to go with others who are your partner as the lead or as your wingman.
  10. No scriptures or intro statements need to be memorized and precisely spoken.
  11. You get the satisfaction of helping someone less fortunate than you.
  12. You would be growing as a disciple of Christ.

Witnessing Intentionally, Sharing Excitedly!