The Dozen Sharings Challenge

A Dozen Delightful Sharings a Year

A dozen delightful things are easy to accomplish in a year’s time span. A dozen rounds of golf are within easy reach of an amateur golfer within a year. Eating out at a restaurant once a month is normal for most families. Going to a dozen church services is easy to do in 6 months.

But, how many Gideons or Auxiliary get the opportunity to share their faith with soul-saving potential at least a dozen times a year? Very rare! Why is that?

The overwhelming answers are, “I don’t know where or how to do it and, I’m afraid I will mess it up.” Will God be pleased with those answers on Judgement Day?

God has heard our concerns and provided an unusual opportunity for the Gideons and Auxiliary of North Carolina to experience a Dozen Delightful Sharings every year.

We have the Street and Neighbor Lights Programs that sponsor an event at least once a month to engage in dialog with folks in and around public parks, municipal buildings, bus stations and on busy street medians. There is no limit as to how often events can be scheduled.

The methodology is a simple sharing plan which has sharers going in teams of two. It is a proven plan that has engaged over 400 willing folks in a sharing dialogue in 4 years. No scriptures need be memorized.

The scriptures used are PWT’s that are readily available to us from our scripture chairmen.

And, International and State Gideon leadership is pushing us to make personal witnessing a major priority in Camp activities.

We have run out of excuses. God has provided a place, a plan, provisions, and a push from our leadership. So, come on board and make your plan to engage in a Dozen Delightful Sharings of your faith in the next 12 months and celebrate with the angels when a soul is saved.

See the Street Lights website at for more info on how to do Street Lights in your area.

Slowing Down and Sharing!