Silver Sneakers Sharing Secrets

Street Lights sharing made easy for Senior Citizens

  1. No memorization – they read the scriptures.
  2. Short duration – one hour on station
  3. Not alone – go with a buddy
  4. No arguing or defending our faith – send to Bible App.
  5. Not accountable for saving anyone – that’s the Holy Spirit’s job.
  6. Scheduled – so we can plan ahead 
  7. Grey hairs respected – symbol of wisdom.
  8. Can finish strong in his work – rather than just wasting away.
  9. Willing to take a risk for my Lord – he stepped out for me!
  10. Show Jesus I care about those not like me, ones he hung out with!
  11. Meet for lunch afterwards to share each other’s experiences?
  12. Something to share and celebrate at Sunday school or Prayer Meeting?