Overcoming the fear of witnessing

Breaking the Chains of fear and anxiety about sharing our faith with others!

  1. Accept the fact that it is not appealing to me and I don’t want to do it.
  2. Accept the fact that it is a mental block, and not lack of knowledge.
  3. Pray for a love for and not a fear of the lost and losers in our community.
  4. Admit that I have not done my part to overcome the fear of failing in sharing.
  5. Pray specifically for the desire to become a confident, effective witnesser.
  6. Decide to become a Christian who is capable and eager to share.
  7. Pray for an opportunity to practice sharing my faith.
  8. Take immediate action to participate as soon as possible in an organized witnessing event. Seek out and join in the closest event within the next 30 days if possible.
  9. Pray for the courage to change my routine and trust in God to guide me in doing so.
  10. Make this planned witnessing effort a top priority over routine pleasure events.
  11. Set your objective on participating in at least 5 witnessing events, thereby overcoming the fear of speaking to strangers about Jesus and his teachings.
  12. Pray for others to come alongside you as a teammate in Street and Neighbor Lights Witnessing events.